Ms. Pham, our outstanding teacher at our Melrose Park campus has WON the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching!! We could not be more proud of her!!
3 days ago, Lori Smith
Golden Apple Award
Sometimes it’s best to learn with a little bit of movement! Our class walked the hallways and practiced measuring angles around the school using their protractors. Simple. Engaging. Fun!
5 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of students practicing to measure angles
image of students practicing to measure angles
image of students practicing to measure angles
image of students practicing to measure angles
The high school students prepared a great meal for the students at JAMP #Teamwork #JAMP
13 days ago, Tyler Pierce
image of student made food
What an eggcellent start to spring! JAMP 106 and 102 are introducing their newly hatched baby chicks!
13 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of baby chicks
image of students holding chicks
Ms. Pham’s class has been loving the use of our new Promethium Boards. We used them this morning to practice identifying personification in a set of sentences.
17 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of students using promethium boards
Our math focus has been on geometry skills. This week we introduced using protractors to measure angles; this also helped us practice our skills of identifying them as acute, obtuse, right or straight angles!
17 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of geometry work
image of student using protractor
Congratulations to Mr. Malek and Mr. Garcia on 15 years with Joseph Academy. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
17 days ago, Sandy Schillinger
15 years of service
JAMP students are anxiously waiting for next week when our chicken eggs will hatch! This has been a spring tradition we have been looking forward to!
19 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of eggs in incubator
Congratulations to Ms. Morelos on her 6 years of service with Joseph Academy.
26 days ago, Sandy Schillinger
thank you sign
Ms. Pham’s class is celebrating poetry month this April! We have been learning about different elements of figurative language and how to implement this into our writing. We also have been learning and practicing how to write different types of poems. These Bio poems were our favorites from last week.
28 days ago, Ms. Pham
image of written Bio Poems
At JAMP we love participating in S.T.E.M Wednesday! Today’s challenge was to design and build a basketball goal that could stand on its own and allow a ping pong ball to pass through the hoop. How do you think we did?!?
about 1 month ago, Ms. Pham
image of Students and their completed STEM projects
Check out our Yayoi Kusama inspired spring bunnies! We didn’t just decorate with polka dots but used fluorescent oil pastels and paints to create these glow-in-the-dark pieces of work!
about 2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of Yayoi Kusama inspired art
Can you think of a better way to practice grammar than to incorporate basketball? We couldn’t either and the kids loved it!
about 2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of JAMP staff
image of basket case game
JAMP students were given a STEM Challenge: design a tower that can support a basketball using only newspaper and tape! Challenge accepted and completed!
about 2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of stem basketball tower
What a wonderful way to wrap up our Pop Art Movement study with these bright and colorful paper maché donuts!
about 2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of paper maché donuts
image of paper maché donuts
The first floor classes did some collaborating today for this fun S.T.E.M St. Patrick’s Day tradition. How do you catch a leprechaun? Students came up with so many clever ideas incorporating rainbow colors, gold coins, glow sticks, and trap doors!
2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of STEM leprechaun traps!
St. Patrick’s Day festivities at JAMP Green food each period + activities including how to catch a Leprechaun. We love celebrating the holidays with our kiddo’s!
2 months ago, Mrs. Katner
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
2021 ESY registration forms can be found on the document section of our website.
2 months ago, Lori Smith
Ms. Pham’s class is left in sugar shock!!! In health, we have been exploring how to read nutrition labels. Today we focused on looking for the amount of hidden sugar in some popular drinks. Can you believe the grams of sugar found in these drinks?!?
2 months ago, Ms. Pham
image of sugar amounts in various drinks
Make-Up Snow Days! There will be all day instruction on March 15th and March 19th! These originally were days off but we will be using them as our make-up snow days.
2 months ago, Lori Smith