SNOW DAY, JANUARY 26th! Both Joseph Academy schools (Des Plaines and Melrose Park) will be CLOSED tomorrow for a snow day! Enjoy the weather and stay warm!
6 months ago, Lori Smith
Snow Day!
Reminder: All Joseph Academy students will return to full in-person instruction on Tuesday, January 19th.
7 months ago, Lori Smith
Due to current COVID 19 quarantine recommendations, Joseph Academy will resume IN-PERSON instruction on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021. Remote instruction will continue through Friday, January 15th, 2021.
8 months ago, Lori Smith
JAMP is kicking off the holiday season with a virtual spirit week! Refer to the image for details.
8 months ago, Mrs. Katner
We’re kicking off the holidays with a virtual spirit week! Beginning 11.30.2020 students will earn 10,000 voucher points for participating (via Zoom). Let the holiday season begin!
Ms. Pham’s class had a fun day today! We spent some time reading Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, and then disguised our own turkeys! The students had fun decorating their turkeys and sharing with their classmates!
8 months ago, Ms. Pham
Image of disguised turkeys
Lots of fun virtual rooms for students to interact with at the JAMP campus. Check out our virtual classroom, virtual game show, virtual classroom, and our virtual Starbooks Cafe!!!
9 months ago, Ms. Pham
Virtual star books
Virtual classroom
Virtual game show
Beginning Monday, November 9th, Joseph Academy will begin full remote learning. Please see the letter that is being sent home today with your child. You can also find the detailed letter at Your child will be sent home with materials on Friday. If you child is not in school, please contact the school to make arrangements to pick up supplies. In-person instruction will resume Wednesday, January 6, 2021.
9 months ago, Lori Smith
Halloween- themed math 🎃
9 months ago, Julia Melnick
Halloween- themed math 🎃
Halloween- themed math 🎃
Me Merriott’s homeroom celebrated Halloween with a pizza party and some in room trick or treating!
9 months ago, Katie Merriott
305 Halloween Party!
JAMP students considered what would happen if their body didn't have bones through this engaging lesson. In the activity, Skeleton Hand, students combine science with art: they trace their hands, then add see-through bones to their picture, making their own skeleton hand. Lesson shows them how bones and joints help give our hand shape and help us move! Perfect project for Halloween.
9 months ago, Ms. Pham
Image of skeleton hand tracing
Excited to see all the JADE students when we resume in-person instruction tomorrow!
9 months ago, Tessa Kamp
JAMP Upper Level Halloween Party
9 months ago, Mrs. Katner
Today we celebrated our upper level students with a Halloween party! Hocus Pocus, caramel apples & other fall goodies! So proud of these students for maintaining upper level status and leading by example each day.
We got our EYES on you! 👀 Check out the JAMP hallways for our new decorations.
9 months ago, Ms. Pham
Paper maché eyeballs
Messy hands making neat art projects! Our elementary and middle school students used casting plaster for this paper maché project.
9 months ago, Ms. Pham
Paper maché image
Looking forward to seeing all the JADE students back in person tomorrow!
9 months ago, Julia Melnick
Just a reminder JADE is back to in-person learning tomorrow, Wednesday 10/28/2020! We are so excited to see all of our staff and students! Be sure to bring your completed work to school to be graded!
9 months ago, Margaret Doyle
JAMP is discovering why apples are different colors and tastes but all still delicious!
9 months ago, Max Mostek
JAMP discovering why apples are different colors and tastes but all still delicious!
Congratulations to the following staff who recently celebrated their anniversary at Joseph Academy. We appreciate their continued dedication to our students. Mr Avant - 12 years Ms. Campbell - 10 years Ms. Doyle - 2 years Ms. Harris - 35 years Ms. Kamp - 1 year Ms. Katner - 1 year Ms. Latourette - 11 years Mr. LoGiurato - 35 years Ms. Lopez - 1 year Mr. Lopez - 3 years Ms. Martinez - 11 years Ms. Merriott - 1 year Ms. Mostek - 2 years Ms. Pham - 10 years Mr. Phillips - 14 years Mr. Shanahan - 30 years
9 months ago, Sandy Schillinger
Ms. Pham and Ms. B’s classes are GLOWING with excitement! We are happy with how our “Moonlight Macaws” turned out! Students practiced their directed drawing skills and added details and color using fluorescent oil pastels to make our drawings glow-in-the-dark.
9 months ago, Ms. Pham
Glow-in-the-dark Moonlight Macaws
Parent-Teacher Confrences were a total sucess! #JAMP #104 #quarter1finished #parentsrock
9 months ago, Ms. Bidigare
Ms. B